Monday, February 24, 2014

It's A True Blew Monday!

Happy Hellos Everyone:
I know it seems as though it has been forever since I last long on to blog. Hopefully, not as much time will lapse between today and my next post. I have been busy over here at The Peddler’s Gallery. Autumn blew in. Then there was the release of Blew Monday, and I cannot forget Christmas. In between all of that there were lots of arts and craft shows.  I took a little break and by mid-January, I was back at creating once again. In addition to my paper crafting, I have attended a few book reviews for Blew Monday.  I sold out of my first shipment rather quickly. Not to worry, the next shipment should arrive soon. If you haven’t already done so, feel free to visit my website at to secure your copy.

I have lots of projects to share, but today is all about Blew Monday.My most recent review was held this past Friday in Columbia, Maryland. Below is a photo of the wonderful women I had an opportunity to meet.

Needless to say everything turned out wonderful. There were tasty dishes and plently of conversation. One of the best things about attending Blew Monday Reviews are meeting new people and discovering just how involved my readers have become with each character. It's such a terrific feeling!

Well, as always, thanks for stopping by The Peddler's Gallery and come back real soon.

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Kelly R said...

CONGRATS to you!!! How exciting to write a book let lone sell out. So happy for you and wishing much more success. Great to see you back crafting too.

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