Monday, May 24, 2010

Perhaps They Are Not Stars

Good Morning Everyone:

Happy Monday to you!!! I have two things to mention briefly so, lets get right to it.  I have envisioned this card for quite some time and I have wanted to create, but I was not in a rush to do so because, it's a sympathy card. These are the type of cards I seem to put on the back burner to make later during the week or next month or you treat them like seasonal type cards (i.e. Christmas) and decide to make them during a crisp cool afternoon in Autmun. Over the weekend my dad asked me to make him a card for a co-worker that recently lost a member of her family. I applied purple and blue ink using the bryer. I didn't want the inks to saturate the paper completely. If you notice, there are areas lighter than others. I was hoping it would give the impression  the moon is shinning through. Did you get that impression? I stamped the card with one of the stamps I purchased at the Ink Pad in NYC a couple weeks ago. I embossed the stars with gold pigment ink and gold embossing powders and finished the stars off with a little stickle. A little stickle makes everything better. Don't you think? :) That really made the stars twinkle. I'm not sure whether the camera captured that or not. but, it was the Eskimo saying that made the card POP (just like that). I think instead of just leaving the standard sympathic words for the bereaved, this message left a little more--hope.

Moving right along....I did say I had two things to discuss. I was so happy to discover when I logged on to my computer Sunday morning to learned I recevied this message from Twinshappy. Boy, did it cause me to smile out loud. Well, that's it. Thanks for stopping by The Peddler's Gallery. Have a great day!

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Cindy said...

Hi Lorie, it was great to see you today! This card turned out just gorgeous and I think your brayering looks super!! It does look just like a night sky. Love the other things you've posted, especially the fishing card. Great work! Looking forward to seeing you at the Zindorf class.

Cindy (from Photo Scraps)

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