Friday, February 12, 2010

Welcome To The Peddler's Gallery First Blog

It's the Blizzard of a 2010! What a time to create my blog. I have been away from the office for eight days and counting. "I'm Luv'n It!" Between you and me, I'm glad more snow is in the forcast. One more snow storm and I will be well rested and ahead of schedule on my Easter cards.

Stamping is soooooooooooo relaxing, so theraputic.

I'm Lorie a.k.a. The Peddler and I have been crafting since before I reached my double digits. I'm forty-something now. So, as you can tell I have been crafting for a while. I love to cook and bake, but more recent years, I have fallen head over heels for scrapping and stamping which for me incorporates cardmaking and scrapbooking.

I'm  posting a birthday card in celebration of the birth of my new blog.

My purpose for having this blog is share my craft information and inspirations with you... at least once a week. I also hope to meet new crafters along the way. Please continue to stop by again. As I continue to learn more about the how to's of blogging, things will continue to change. Feel free to leave your comments regarding what you see or would like to see here at The Peddler's Gallery.

Thanks for stopping by.

The Peddler


Rlrice4902 said...

Lorie...Lorie ....Lorie

You always finding something for folks to do..... but this blogging thing seem interesting! Right now I'm at the school library trying to educate myself. But I must confess I haven't been stamping any cards for awhile now. Ms. Judy's Birthday was the 19th and it broke my heart that I had to buy her a card... But I know this is true .....I will not be in school forever. "fun time is a coming" Thank the Lord"

I'll talk at you late.

Lorie said...

What can I say? I'm glad you like the blog. I hope this will blog will inspire you to create in your time. In the meantime, I plan to continue to work on my blog, so by the time you are ready for a break from school, I'll will be able to help you with the blog you will create.

Chris said...

Lorie---As always you truly inspire me to look at cardmaking a whole new way. I love your cards and your new blog. I'm looking forward to seeing your next beautiful card designs. Thanks for sharing with us. 8^)

Vera said...

Wow, fabulous blog, Lorie! I love the card you've posted in your first blog entry. Looking forward to seeing your beautiful creations in my Google Reader!

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