Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Rock On

Happy Hellos Everyone:
I hope all is well in your part of the globe. The other day I mentioned something about sharing something that may interest you in an up-coming post. Well, today's the day. My son is an avid rock collector. Orignally, I thought collecting rocks was somethings boys just did until something else came along to collect, but that hasn't been the case. Kevin really enjoys collecting rocks in their natural state.This has interested him every since he was five years old. Kevin proclaimed then he wanted to be a palentologist or a geologist. So, I began to place him in circles that would stimulate his interest including space camp and attending gem & rock shows.

Now, here's the part that may interest you. This past weekend we attended a local the gem & rock show in Howard County, Maryland. While there I came across several gem & rock vendor and dealers that not only sold gems and rocks, but they had several charms for sale at great prices. I had to pace myself since I hadn't planned on purchasing any thing. However, I managed to buy forty key charms and forty crowns, ribbons and more for $6 a tube. Take a look...

You may want to take note the next time you hear of a rock & gem show in your town.

I also wanted to show you the beautiful rock my son bought for me. I'm not sure whether you can see the faint purple hue surrounding the rock.

Isn't it just beautiful?
Well, as always, thanks for visiting the gallery and come back real soon.

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