Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sending Wishes Your Way

Happy Hump Day All:

About a month ago a found a set of fairy stamps at a local craft store. I wanted them after seeing a fairy card. So, I purchased the set of stamps, but did nothing with them initially. I attempted to color one of the fairies about two weeks ago and bombed--by my standards. For some reason I felt intiminated. It wasn't until yesterday, that I was inspired to create this card after visiting AmyR . I couldn't wait to get home to attempt this undertaking. I thought I'd make this card first--using the green hues (like Amy) and if it turn out well, I would make something simular for my niece's 10th birthday using purple hues. Yes, of course purple hues...Everyone knows all real fairies are adorned in purple. Right! :) Since already here, let me know what you think and thanks for visitng The Peddler's Gallery.

1 comment:

AmyR said...

Great card! I'm glad my post inspired you! :)


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