Friday, May 28, 2010

Third Generation

Good Morning Everyone:

Can we all agree when I say TGIF! I'm so happy another weekend has arrived. Almost as happy as I was yesterday when I returned home from work to discover my new stamp had arrived. As you may recall from a previous posting, my mom and I went to NYC a few weeks back. I made it my business to stop byThe Ink Pad. Of course I brought a few stamps home, but there was one that I did not. My mom liked him so much, I decided to order him last week--actually I decided the same day after I left The Ink Pad. By the end of that day, my funds just weren't funny enough to make the purchase. :) My mom and I were attracted to this stamp because the elderly gentle looking man reminded both of us of several men in our family. By the time I had memories of these men, they were seasoned. They were strong hard laborers. They told funny stories and had lots of wisdom they were willing to share. Sometimes they had a piece or two of candy on hand. They came from a generations where they were self-educated and had common sense--a course that's not taught at the local universities. And now, many of the members of that particular generation are gone. Oh, how I have fallen in love with this stamp. I hope you enjoy too! There are a couple other versions of this card in the gallery to your right. If you have a moment be sure to take a look.

By the way this card is a combination of three different stamps---SU, ClearStamps, & Stampland.

Thanks for stopping by The Peddler's Gallery!


Hema said...

I love this card , beautiful composition!
Can you share with me the stamp company
for the father and son silhouette?

Thank you,

Lorie a.k.a.The Peddler said...

Sure. The Father/Son silhouette is called Hero Dad by Clear Stamps. I hope you get my post because there was no e-mail link to respond to you. In the future feel free to e-mail me at

Margaret said...

This is so beautiful!

Edna Morrisedie said...

Very cool image, allowed you to have great depth in your card... I love the Ink Pad, it took me hours to find it, but it was worth treking the streets of NYC to find it!!

gayle said...

This is a beautiful card. It took me two hours to find the stamps on the internet, but I did!!

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