Monday, May 3, 2010

It Was a Busy Weekend

Happy Hellos Everyone:

I can't believe its been eight days since I posted last. It's hard to believe the month of May has arrived and April is now memory.  The school year is coming to an end. WOW!

Anyway, I hope you had a wonderful weekend. My weekend started early and it was extremely busy. With all the things I stilll have to do, it makes me think this week will mimic this past weekend. I made greeting cards on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Before I forget, make sure you visit the gallery. You know that busy I mentioned, well most of it is in the gallery. Last week I recieved so many request for Mother's Day cards. So you know what I was doing this weekend. In between all of those cards a friend called me. She needed a card for a christening ceremony she was planning to attending. This is what I made early Sunday morning. I was told everyone liked the card. You know that made me happy. Not long after Sunday services, I was back at it again.

Believe it or not I still had other things to do this weekend and I did it too. On Saturday, I participated in the the Holy Cow Church Bazaar in Churchville, MD. Kevin and I had really nice time. The weather was wonderful and so were the nice people we met. Hopefully, I will get to participate next year. Saturday was National Scrapbooking Day. There were all types of sales in stores and on-line. More importantly for Kevin Saturday was National Comic Book Day. That meant we had to travel to one of Kevin's favorite comic book stores--all the way out to Elderburg, Maryland. That's right from Churchville. He recieved 25 free comic books and he purchased a few too. After that, Kevin was in his element for the rest of the day's journey. We couldn't go pass the comic bookstore without stopping by PhotoScraps. That would have been rude. :) Right. Right. We left there to go all the way to Howard County to pick-up a couple of my cards that are for retail at After the Runway. We made one more store before we reached home. I made more cards well into the night since I sold many at the church bazaar. Just this morning, I recieved a card order for an additional 35 cards. It's nice to know how much people think of the special mothers in their lives. Oh! I didn't mention, I still have to make my Mother's Day cards.  I can tell you making so many cards allowed me to use different techniques and to attempt some of my CAS cards too. As you can see by the photo below, I've had the opportuntity to do just that. Be sure to let me know what you think of my Mother's Day collection.

Thanks for stopping by the gallery. Make Monday memorable.
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