Sunday, March 4, 2012

Are You Ready for the Challenge?

Happy Hellos Everyone:
If your participating in this month's challenge(s) here at The Peddler's Gallery, you can post of link your photos here. Remember in order to participate in the raffle, you must have your photos posted (to today's post) by the 15th of March. For additional information click here.

Just below is a quick snap shot of the cards I made for the All Occasion Card Challenge. I'll reveal the cards individually tomorrow. I cannot wait to see the cards you've made.

Thanks for stopping by The Peddler's Gallery
and be sure to come back real soon.


Carol's Ink Spot said...

Here is my link to the Christmas Card challenge.

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Carol's Ink Spot said...

Oh, your cards are lovely! Where did you find the Girl Scout paper! And really cute cards for books.

Lorie a.k.a.The Peddler said...

I'm really testing the waters in regards to linking your cards to this post. So, here is my link:

I got this from my LSS. If you do not have this paper in your area, I can pick-up some from you. BTW I do not have a brand name for this paper, but I'll call the store to see if they will provide me with one.

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