Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Say Cheese

Happy Hellos All:

I hope your Tuesday kicks off to a terrific start. Yesterday, I mentioned I completed a full day of crafting over the weekend. The funny thing is I was able to catch-up on my cards. Now, I just need to find my way to the post office. I have a few July cards to mail off as well.

I must say, the die I selected to use for today's card comes from PTI. However, I must admit PTI did not sell this die to me. One of my favorite blogs I love to visit is A New Design by Ashley Newell. I often find myself inspired after visiting her blog. A few weeks ago was no different. I thought to myself, 'I really want this stamp.' Now that I have it, I've come up with several ways to use it, you'll see this image again. I promise.

Take a look...

This birthday card was created for a photographer.

I love how you pull the imaginary film strip
from the vintage camera.

In addition to stamping the images, I manipulated a photo
(changed the size, removed the color, and soften
 the edges) using Adobe Photoshop.

Well, what do you think? Be sure to leave me  a message to let me know. As always, thanks for visiting The Peddler's Gallery and come back real soon.


Susie Craft Happy! said...

I think its lovely.

Found your blog over at Michele's blog


Ashley Cannon Newell said...

Hi Lori! This is great! I hope you had fun using this die and the stamps! I'm sure whoever receives it will be so happy! Thanks for the mention as well. So sweet! :)

Pauline said...

This is just fabulous! Lorie, I love it! I think YOU may have just sold this set to ME! Lol! Love the little photo pull out at the bottom, and I love the rich colours. Beautiful!

Kelly R said...

what a neat idea! i pull out with the pic is so clever! i also like the font used at the top of the card. very creative job!!!

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