Thursday, September 6, 2012

Made with Him in Mind

Happy Hellos Everyone:
I hope you’re having an awesome Thursday. The weekend is almost here and boy do I think I could use a weekend about now. If you read the previous post....well, this is just an extension. Yesterday almost had a feel of Ground Hog's Day. Picture this. I'm on my way to a band parent's meeting after leaving work and my car had an uneasy feeling. Within 15 miles the car had the feel of a milkshake. It was shaking so bad, I couldn't see the cars from my driver's side mirror clearly. They were shaking too. Perhaps it was an earthquake. Not. I was the only one experiencing this quake. I pulled over and requested a tow. After approximately 1.5 hours, it finally arrived. The driver did a quick inspection of my car and informed me the reason why my car shook so volatile was because there was only one lug nut barley holding the passenger side wheel onto the car. Now, how did that happen?

At this point I need a little fun and today’s card is a fun kinda card. This is a card I have wanted to make for a while. It just so happened Jolie embellishments were on sale for 50% off several months ago and I could not resist. Not only was this a fun card to make, but it’s a perfect card for that guy you want to express birthday greetings to.
Take a look...

The next time I attempt to make this hairy card, I think I may spray a little
 hairspray on the mustaches before applying them to the card stock. 
As always, thanks for visiting The Peddler's Gallery and come back real soon.



Scrappie said...

I love this, I just saw these in Michaels and thiught, wish I had a stamp to go along with it. Very nice!!!!

Pauline said...

What fun cards lorie! Love those furry 'taches!

Kelly R said...

so glad you were ok. happy it wasn't an earthquake! lol! as a cali resident we have been shaking this summer. yikes! but glad they could fix your car. oh, these cards are super cute! love it. so creative, too. go girl!

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