Sunday, September 30, 2012

Scrappin' With the Girls

Happy Hellos Everyone:

I hope you're have a wonderful weekend. I am. The weather in Baltimore has been wonderful. It's an exact replica of last weekend when I traveled to Dover, PA. If you were up and perhaps out by 6AM, then you know it started off on the chilly side this morning. However, by AM or so, the sun was shinning bright enough that it began to warm up. With the exception of the change in the weather, it's hard to believe in a matter of hours September 2012 will be a memory. I must say, several memorable moments have taken place this month. From the start of high school, this has been one busy month filled with plenty of activities. To tell the truth, activities I am referring to all have Kevin's name written all over them. I may have had one or two.

This time last week we both had an activity. His was in Baltimore and as I mentioned previously, I was in Dover, PA. I met up with my friends Dayo and Renee to celebrate Kisha's 40th birthday. We had a terrific time scrapping and making cards. Once again, I didn't get much much taking was going on ;) Surprisingly, I didn't make one card. My mind was all over the place, but, Kisha managed to create several cards. Take a look at the photos I took to commemorate our day.

 I called this photo 'Super Mom.' Dayo is a new mom all of approximately
three months. She was working it out. It was amazing to see her do this.
You would have thought she was a mother of three or four children. You Go Girl.

Happy mom and baby.
Renee's multi-talented. She managed to stamp and strike a posed too.

Kisha, the birthday girl is hard at work. 
You know when you're creating cards or scrapping for that matter,
 you have to get in the mood for the theme you are creating for.
Well, this was Kisha's angry bird look. Way too funny.

Okay, this is her happy bird[day] photo.
I have a follow-up to this post, so don't be surprise when you see another entry much sooner than later. As always, thanks for visiting The Peddler's Gallery and come back real soon.


Jojorenee said...

Fun fun! I like the angry bird cards she made cute!

Pauline said...

Oh, how cuuuute is that baby? Well, we women can multi task at anything when we need to!

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