Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Scrap Pad--Dover, PA

Hello Again:

As promised, this is the follow-up post to Scrappin' With the Girls, but I wanted to tell you about the place where we scrapped. I met you with Kisha, Renee and Dayo in Dover, Pennsylvania at The Scrap Pad.  Let me just say, The Scrap Pad is wonderful. It has a homey feel with great lightening and for my fellow Marylanders, The Scrap Pad was far enough away from home. It was no more than an hour's drive from home. If I'm not mistaken The Scrap Pad sleeps 10-12 of your best scrapping friends. You can bring your own food or you can have The Scrap Pad prepare the food for you. One of the perks is that there are an ample number of restaurants (sit down or fast food) for you to enjoy. Also, when coming to The Scrap Pad, keep in mind, there are so many things you will not have to bring. There are tons of Stampin' Up stamp sets, punches, papers and more to use at your disposals. It's as if, The Stamp Pad was a Stampin' Up Store.

Well, before leaving, we had already decided that we would like to return to The Scrap Pad for a weekend before the end of the year. Take a look at a few of the snapshots I managed to take.

In this one floor home there were lots of rooms to scrap in and
plenty of space to maneuver around. 

Renee, Kisha, Me, Dayo and Baby 'O' standing in front of the fireplace.

The owner of The Scrap Pad.

As always, thanks for stopping by
The Peddler's Gallery and come back real soon.


Kara said...

This place looks awesome!!

Jojorenee said...

Wow that really deserves the name scrap pad hope you all really enjoyed yourselves.

Pauline said...

Wow, I bet you had a whale of a time there!

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