Thursday, July 18, 2013

College Bound

Happy Hellos Everyone!!!

It's hard to believe the summer of 2013 is almost over. Before you know it, our children will have returned to school and will be deeply immersed in their routine, while this season as we know it will have become a distant memory.

Traditionally, I have made my son a card to encourage and excite him on his first day of school. I believe he looks forward to receiving his cards as much as I look forward to making those special cards. This year, I wanted to make a special card for those students headed off to college. Yes, they may have received a graduation card, but this card is different. I would image this card will be filled with the hopes and dreams and countless possibility wishes a student may require as he  or she begins to prepare to leave the nest and those things that bring them comfort. So, I made this cute card  encouraging him or her to 'enjoy the ride' because you and I know how brief of a ride it is. Take a look...

This is another one of my favorite stamp sets from PTI--Enjoy the Ride.
 I used mapped DP to create the little bug car. I thought that was perfect
 since most college bound students I know drive instead of fly-off to school.
I tried to enhance the rearview lights and license tag by topping them off with
 Glossy Accents--of which can be seen better in the photo above and/or below.

As you can see, I used cloud DP and die cuts to bring more attention to the
 clouds. In this case, I also darken the background to make the clouds pop.

If you haven't figured out what's different about this photo and the first couple
 of photos,  I'll tell you.Instead of the sentiment coming out of the car window,
it's under the car.
Here's hoping the college bound students in your life
"Enjoy the Ride."
As always, thanks for stopping by The Peddler's Gallery and come back real soon.
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