Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Dylusions Meet PTI PTI Meet Dylusions

Happy Hellos Everyone!!!

I hope all is well with you in your corner of the world. It's hot here on the east coast and I must say, whenever I am outside for more than a minute, I begin to feel like a roasted nut--of  course roasted for because of the heat and nutty for allowing myself self to venture out into these conditions. I hope all of you are doing your best to stay cool.

In the mist of remaining cool, I have managed to carve some time solely for creating. Oh, I love when I am able to do that. I can honestly say, I believe this post can be enjoyed by everyone that drop by to visit. Today's post is all about introductions. It is my Dylusions Meet PTI, PTI Meet Dylusions post and let me just say, I had a wonderful time creating these wonderful cards. Take a look...

Okay, let me pre-warn you, I couldn't decide what photos to
select to show you. Needless to say, I had a hard time
 narrowing the number of photos.

As mentioned this is my Dylusions Meet PTI, PTI Meet Dylusions post. I had
 such an amazing time creating this awesome background. If you recall I
used the same technique for my Surf's Up post.  

Each zodiac sign background from slightly to dramatically.
This makes each card unique in its own way.
As you see, stars are seen throughout the background.
I wanted to ensure the zodiac sign would not be hard
 to find, so I added a little bling to each sign.

I love the Leo background.
Adding the silver background on top of the black background, makes the stars  pop.

I think this background was my favorite. How about you?
Do you like that marble effect?

This is one of my newest stamp sets--Star Gazer Stamp
 Set from PTI and I just love it. There's something in
this stamp set for everyone.

Well, continue to enjoy the photos and be sure to share your comments.





As always, thanks for visiting The Peddler's Gallery and come back real soon.


Tenia Nelson said...

What awesome cards!!

NC Peach said...

Wow! Very cool cards! Really like the background on the Cancer card as well! TFS!

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