Tuesday, February 14, 2017


Happy Hellos Everyone!

On this Valentine's Day, I have a wonderfully sweet keepsake box to share with you. I love the finished product and I believe you will feel the same way too. It has an ol' tyme musical feel. This keepsake box would be perfect for you if you are a music lover or for that beloved music teacher. Take a look and share your thoughts.

I absolutely love this box. It has a feature most of my other cigar
 boxes of my other boxes do not offer.

Can you hear the music? This ol' tyme musical theme line brought
  this once cigar box to life. To begin, take a look at the legs of the
 keepsake box. Is it just me or do these legs remind you of the
 old style piano legs.

I opted to lightly emboss this keepsake box because I felt very
 little was needed. However, the future owner could
 embellish this keepsake with his/her personal memorabilia.

The ticket were age once again to accent the ol' tyme feel.

Notice the detailed marquee with musical terminology associated
 with an entertainer that highlights the outside of the edge of the lid.

Just like the previous photo, notice the classic draped red

 curtains often found in the yesterday's theater.

I distressed all edges of the box provides accent to that ol' tyme feel.

Before I let you see inside the keepsake box, I wanted to show
 you the unique feature this box that most of the others do not.
 This keepsake box can open by using the top lid or the front lid.

Inside the box, you discovers old style news paper and musical notes.

Looking outward, notice the musical
 notes above and the drop down faux piano keys.

The same piano keys can be found on the opposite side.

Let me just say, it took everything in me not to add a touch of glitter on this box and I am so glad I did not. I wanted it to be desired by a male or a female. Beside, for those of you that like things to sparkle a bit, I have something complementary to share with you in the next day or two. 

Once again, thank you for stopping by The Peddler's Gallery and come back real soon.

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Hi! I'm Shirley and said...

Awesome! I am happy you didn't add glitter, also. Worthy of a place in Any room if the house.

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