Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The Ring Please

Good Morning Everyone & Happy Hellos:

I hope all is well with you. So happy you stopped by today. I have a wonderful rich simplistic unisex keepsake box that has a Turkish feel I wanted to share with you. That was a mouthful of adjectives wasn't it. Scroll down and take a look.

This once slider cigar box has been transformed to store your beautiful rings.

This keepsake box has wrapped with embossed paper.

Then it was adorned with a rich brown ribbon that created a Turkish feel.

It's hard to see, but a thick velvet foam with
 slits has been placed inside.

The keepsake box was given feet.

Lastly, I forgot to mention the uncovered wood trimming
 was given a deeper hue and polished.

As always, thanks for stopping by The Peddler's Gallery and come back real soon. 


Kelly R said...

Wow, you are really so talented with these boxes. I just love all the details you added to this one. Just gorgeous!

Lorie a.k.a.The Peddler said...

Thanks Kelly! I have several more I hope to share. I'm planning to share more of my cards pretty soon too.

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