Friday, November 16, 2012

New Beginnings

Happy Hellos Everyone:

I just couldn't let this Friday get away without sending a 'Happy Hello' your way. I realize it's a little late, but you know what the old saying is....'better late than never'. Besides, I really wanted to share today's card with you today since I already have a different card to share with you tomorrow. Typically, the color range I normally work with ranges from medium to bold. Seldom do I use soft shades of pink, purples, yellows, or blues for that matter. Today, I put down those bold colors and I am so glad I did and I think you would agree.

Today's card is all about 'new beginnings'. I thought this style of card is perfect for the arrival of a new baby, a new marriage or just starting all over again. I've been wanting to create a card using a birds nest every since I discovered them on Ashley's blog [well over a year ago] and I am just getting around to doing so.

Well, take a look...

As previously mentioned, this is a wonderful card to celebrate a couple's wedding.

Here, I used the softer burlap, oppose the course
 burlap I used on the second card.

Full View of first card

I love the soft blue and beige combination and the nest,  I just think this is 
one of the most wonderful embellishments in my collection. I pulled out all kinds
 of goodies from My Mind's Eye, Paper , PTI and some ribbon treatment.

 There are just a few minor changes between the two cards,
 but as you can see, this works well for a baby card too.

Full View of card #2

As always, thanks for stopping by The Peddler's Gallery and come back real soon.

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