Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I'm Celebrating a Birthday Today

Good Morning Good People:

Happy Tuesday!!! I'm celebrating a birthday today. That is I'm celebrating my sister's forty-something birthday. I picked up this stamp in Canada; however, when I first saw it on-line, I immediately thought of my sister and how this would be a great card using the Execubella stamp by Stamping Bella for a birthday card. My sister epitomises the term 'High Powered Executive.' Just to give you an idea, every now and then I feel as though I have to call and remind her to take a smoke break. No, I'm just kidding. She doesn't and never has been a smoker. My telephones calls are just to remind her to take a break or go to lunch--something on those lines. :)

Thanks for taking the time to stop by The Peddler's Gallery.

1 comment:

The Brat said...

A fabulous card. An iced latte break for your sister is a good idea... Happy Birthday to your sister sounds like we are the same age.

Love your blog as well as your gallery. You have such an interesting life and you are very creative. Not that you needed me to tell you!

See you around in cyberspace!


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