Saturday, March 12, 2011

Happy Birthday To Me!!!

Today is not just a 'Happy Hellos" kind of day. TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY! Once again I am celebrating my forty-ish birthday. Last year approximately 20 of my friends and I got together and celebrated my birthday in Washington, D.C. at Zola's. The resturant was fabulous and we looked good. Everyone was adorned from head to toe in classic black with a hint of purple.

Today, approximately 30 of my friends are meeting me at one of my favorite local craft stores to crop until mid-night. The best part about this birthday crop is half of them are not scrappers or cardmakers; at best they have been recipients of cards I have sent. They haven't cut paper since the third grade (LOL). So, I'm so looking forward to this afternoon. I'm thinking today should be a lot of fun. This year, I asked everyone to where the color purple. I have a few more things planned for the crop, but I'm opting not to share it until tomorrow tommorow. I want it to be a suprise. Beside, I never know who's out there reading my blog.

In honor of my birthday, and the lack of time before the crop I have decided to highlight a card I made months ago.

I hope to have more to share with you tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by The Peddler's Gallery.
The Birthday Girl


Luana said...

Happy Birthday!!! I hope you enjoy yourself. BTW...40-ish is the new 30-ish!!! LOL

NC Peach said...

Wow! I hope you are enjoying all the birthday festivities to the hilt!! Wish I lived closer; you know I'd wear my black and purple too, lol! Hope to see some pics!

Pauline said...

Happy birthday Lorie, I hope you were spoilt rotten! Please pop over to my blog I have something for you ;-)

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