Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Card for a True Lady

Hello Everyone:

Top of the week to all of you! I know I say this all the time, but this past weekend was truely busy and lots of fun. I started my weekend off at the CK Convention in King of Prussia, PA. I actually volunteered for four hours. I learned a few things; met a few folkes; recieved a few free products; and purchased a few things. Then I rushed back home to spend the weekend with my two nieces. We had a good time making cards and baking stuff that just wasn't good for me to eat. I'm tired, but I must say, 'We really had a good time.' My niece, Taylor made the cutest cards for her four best friends wishing them a 'Happy School Year.'

Over the next couple of days, I want to share with you a few stamps I purchased from the convention. I fell in love with the images. I love the fact the stamps are big, bold, and fresh. I managed to make a couple of cards this weekend, but my attention was focused on my nieces and making sure they returned home with greeting cards of their own.

Okay, this is my idea of what a
Lady Bug looks like when she's dressed-up.
So, what do you think.? Be sure to let me know.
Thanks for visiting The Peddler's Gallery and  have a wonderful week!


Carol's Ink Spot said...

Beautiful! How elegant looking those bugs are! All dressed up for an evening out. Very pretty card.

Vera said...

That's a great stamp, Lorie! I love how you colored the ladybugs!

Rlrice4902 said...

Nice!.....Very Very Nice. Why don't you sent it to me. for a better look


SpoiledGirl said...

I totally {heart} your blog!!! You are such a talented woman! And the name "Peddler".., LUV IT!! -- LOL :~)

Many of the stamps you use I am familiar with! Love Bella and would you believe Jen (SFYTT) taught me Copic I. :~) Small world!!!

Can't wait to see what you create next!

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